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  •   English to Greek

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  •   Financial material

  •   Legal material     




  •    Legal material

    • Civil legislation, Financial disputes, International law

    • Vast experience in both European and American Court cases

    • Existing clientele includes numerous law firms in the United States

    • Previous employment as a paralegal assistant

  •    Financial material

    • Stock market legislation, Banking regulations

    • Holder of Series 7 and European equivalent licenses

    • In-depth knowledge of both the American and the European financial sectors, international markets and related legal disputes

    • Previous employment as a financial advisor

  •    Aeronautics

    • Aircraft incidents, Military procedures and manuals

    • Federal Aviation Administration licensed pilot

    • Ratings include S.E.L. (airplanes) and General rotorcraft (helicopters)

    • Military and law enforcement background

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